Friday, November 6, 2015

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BAG A NEW G511ERY TOTE THIS AUTUMN! /////////////////

Now the days of the free supermarket plastic bag have come to an end
let's look afresh at the canvas shopper. 
New in for Autumn are a fresh batch of double-take slogan screenprint canvas totes by
 G511ERY, a Screen printing studio and art gallery 
located in the unchartered wilds of Tottenham, North London. 
...and not a 'keep calm and (whatever)' in sight! 
Printed by hand on unbleached cotton using water based inks 
these guys are totes eco and won't end up in trees & bicycle chains!
Standard 'Evening Standard' font. G511ERY heavyweight cotton tote £14
a G511ERY Gift shop tote! Neon red. a reference to Banksy's 'Exit through the Gift shop'  £12.95
G511ERY Genrification / Buy to leave home totes - right on the money £12.95
air hostess tote - G511ERY. neon red. artwork by Spiru, based on a 60s cartoon £12.95
Velour tote by G511ERY £12.95

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