Friday, October 30, 2015

Would you Hallow's and Eve it? it's BACK TO THE BOGLINS OF '87!

We raided the L+N toy box and found a stash of these rare slimeballz - BOGLINS! 
Creepy, ugly, joyously unpleasant latex puppets first released in 1987.
Lurking round the store and window this Hallow's eve are rubbery faves Flurp, Plunk
& Slogg the Frog, a Soggy Boglin aka Boglinus Liquidus.
Hairy Flurp - in meditative mood.
Our Boglins are all in their cages (boxes) and can be purchased instore!
 If you don't live in London & you fancy one of these beauties, ping us an email.
The fella above is 'Hairy Flurp' and £75

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