Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Collection of Pen and Ink Illustrations- NEW Book by PHLEGM

It's been long time in the making - and really worth the wait. The new book
 from PHLEGM is here! Released June 2013. A collection of pen and ink illustrations
 based on walls he has painted over the past few years. 
 48 ppages plus cover, all on recycled paper. Perfect bound.
Discover a fold-down poster on the last page!
 In addition to all that, PHLEGM hand screen printed and embossed each book cover.

(cover) Phlegm Book - £25

all illustrations above- (inside pages) Phlegm Book

...and without giving too much away! - top section of the vertical fold-out poster,
 (inside back cover) Phlegm book

(back cover) Phlegm book

embossed mark detail (front cover)

This beautifully illustrated book, entirely without words, features page after page of meticulously drawn figures from a mythological civilization circa time unknown, going about their complicated rituals, studies and explorations. 

 Never one to rest for long - as soon as these books were delivered, Phlegm was off to begin one of his many wall commissions in Europe over Summer. Judging by the ABC book by Phlegm last in, they won't hang around too long! Contact us if you'd like us to reserve you a copy.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

................TINY PEOPLE EARRINGS BY ROSIE BREWER...............

These guys are teeny! Measuring between 0.9 - 1.2cm in height.
Tiny People earrings are the creation of  East London based designer
 ROSIE BREWER who graduated last year from Camberwell College of Arts.

The studs are made from plastic architectural model people, with silver plated backs.
 Each pair, although not always identical, are cleverly matched. 
 We took the pictures in direct sunlight to get the great shadow effects...

Tiny People Earrings by Rosie Brewer - £10 pr  NOW AVAILABLE FROM OUR ONLINE STORE!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Presenting 'Kurt and the Gang' sticker book published by Belly Kids

'Kurt and the Gang' is a collection of stickers chronicling the life,
influence and friends of Kurt Cobain.
The book is packed with 60 stickers and printed illustrations designed
by 13 artists from around the globe.

Includes illustrations of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Dylan Carlson,
The Pixies, Daniel Johnston, Dave Grohl and many others.

Illustration by Murray Somerville

Illustration by Daisy Whitewolf

Illustration by Chaos Vs Cosmos

Illustration by Chris Golden

Monday, June 10, 2013

++>> L + N FATHER'S DAY CARDS & GIFT PICKS FOR 2013!! <<++

We've picked out a beaut selection of  Father's Day (this Sunday!!)
cards from our independent illustrators and printmakers
plus a choice selection of alternative Dad's day pressies...
Cards by Levi Bunyan for Happy Accident Co. - £3.50 each
'Dude' greetings card by Carl Partridge - £3.50

'Happy Father's Day' , cards by Hanna Melin - £3
'Happy Father's Day' card by Hanna Melin - £3
Duckula greetings cards - £3

...and for the Dad who has everything... we'll take a bet he doesn't own any of these yet!
'The Dadkerchief' hankie by Garudio Studiage - £16

'Darth Vector' mug by Kane Cali - £20
(limited edition of 50)

'Six Lumps of sugar...' mug by David Shrigley for Polite - £20
(comes in signed gift box)
Heli wallet's and purse's by NOA Design - £14 / £16

'Thrill Murray' Colouring in book by Belly Kids - £8

Urban Gridded Notebook by Walking Things - £17.50

Temporary watch tattoos by Day Job

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Presenting 'The Magic Book of Nightmares' published by Belly Kids

Belly Kids (the guys behind 'Thrill Murray') have teamed up with another
19 illustrators to explore the magical world of nightmares.
We've got it all, everything from the spooky, the cosmic,
the deranged, the wild and the weird.

Wide awake at the dead of night. Heavy breathing, cold sweats,
trembling hands, eyes closed shut. Creepy dreams disrupting your sleep,
we've all been there...
'The magic book of nightmares' published by Belly Kids - £8
Cover illustration by Luke Pelletier
Illustration by Phillip Morgan
Illustration by Ohara Hale
Illustration by James Clapham
Illustration by Mariana Moyses
Illustration by Josh Wiley

Monday, June 3, 2013

DAY JOB Collective's postcards, books and temp tattoos now in store!

Having recently seen the full line up at Pick Me Up
we're super excited to finally be stocking more of Day Job's
product range. Check what we've got below...
'Make Time' temporary tattoos by Grace Helmer
for Day Job - £5 a set of 2 watches.
'Day Job Activity Book' - £10
Packed with loads of beautifully illustrated games and activities
to keep you all entertained. Train journey gold dust!
'Day Job postcard sets' - £6 each
Includes 8 postcards each with a different design.