Thursday, May 30, 2013

NEW PRINT IN >> 'Lion King' by Becky Liddiard

BECKY LIDDIARD is a London based freelance illustrator. 
We are now stocking her new A3 risograph print - 'Lion King'.  Limited edition of 50
'Lion King' by Becky Liddiard - £25

(detail)  'Lion King' print by Becky Liddiard

   Becky's work captures the nuances of everyday people and places in a distinct and beautiful way. Using illustration, painting, graphic design, collage and craft, she conjures her own colourful and thoughtful 
perspective on nature, emotions and the human condition, 
exploring narrative through dream-like sentiment and abstract humour. 
 Becky has taken part in recent exhibitions such as Pick Me Up at Somerset house,
 lomography east and D&AD New blood. She works with the 'Hero of Switzerland' collective.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NEW WORK FROM BENJAMIN PHILLIPS pooches and cats galore!

Following the success of Benjamin Phillip's solo instore
exhibition at Lik + Neon a couple of months ago,
he's been busy working on his new project 'Pet Portrait'.
Lucky for us, he popped in with a selection of new cards and prints for us.
Each card is also available as an A3 digital print for £20.
Check them out here...
'Pug' greetings card by Benjamin Phillips
'Foxy pooch!' greetings card by Benjamin Phillips
'Poodle' greetings card by Benjamin Phillips
'Sausage' greetings card by Benjamin Phillips

'Spaniel' greetings card by Benjamin Phillips
'Pooch' greetings card by Benjamin Phillips

Thursday, May 23, 2013

NEW IN >> 'CLINIC III' < a new collection of poetry and illustration >

We always look forward to the new CLINIC publication...and here's issue III! 
 ... includes submissions from 34 illustrators and poets, co-published with Egg Box
A5 format, 120pp - all for only £7.99 !
Illustration by Rachel Maclean

illustration by Alex Gibbs
Illustration by Elllie Andrews
images/objects by Annie Strachan
(back cover) comic by Kyle Platts

 Contributors: Rachael Allen, Ellie Andrews, Daniel Barrow, Emily Berry,
Pablo Boffelli, Sam Buchan-Watts, Harry Burke, Sophie Collins, Nia Davies,
Sam Donsky, Charlotte Geater, Alex Gibbs, Lawrence Giffin, Harry Giles,
Pablo Jones-Soler, Henry King, Megan Levad, Rachel Maclean,
Alice Malin, Helen Mort, David Nash, Sean Roy Parker, Kyle Platts,
Eileen Pun, Tom Rees, Jonny Reid, Sam Riviere, Thomas Slater,
Annie Strachan, Olly Todd, Emily Toder, Jon Vaughn,
Rory Waterman, Katie Wilkinson

 Edited by: Rachael Allen, Sam Buchan-Watts, Sean Roy Parker, Andrew Parkes


Monday, May 13, 2013

< NEW Letter Press Prints in from A TWO PIPE PROBLEM PRESS >

At east London based, 'A Twopipe Problem Letterpress',
everything is designed and printed using traditional
woodblock typeface by Stephen Kenny.
We're now stocking this year's latest prints and you can buy them
in store or from our online shop HERE
'Utopia...' , A3 letterpress print by A Twopipe problem Press' - £30
'If your haircut sexy...' A3 letterpress print by 'A Twopipe Problem Press' - £30
'ZAPP....' A3 letterpress print by 'A Twopipe Problem Press' - £30
'Wake up..' letterpress print by 'A Twopipe Problem Press' - £30
... and these prints from the archive collection, below:
'Bright & early...' letterpress print by 'A Twopipe Problem Press' - £30
'Shut your eyes and see' letterpress print by 'A Twopipe Problem Press' - £25

Saturday, May 11, 2013

///*****/////***/////***//////***BELLY KIDS BOOKS !***\\\\\\***\\\\\***\\\\\*****\\\

 New Books in from BELLY KIDS!
Thrill Murray Colouring in Book £8, The Magic Book of Nightmares  £8
 Kurt & the Gang sticker book £10 and Onliest by Jamie Stewart £6
A4 format books

(inside pages) 'The Magic Book of Nightmares' illustration by Ohara Hale
(inside pages) 'The Magic Book of Nightmares' - 'Cheese Dreams' illustration by Philip Morgan
'Thrill Murray' Colouring in Book, illustration by Hattie Stewart

'Onliest' - 2nd collection of  Haikus written by Jamie Stewart, illustrated by Sophie Alda (A5 format)
'Onliest' (inside pages)
London based BELLY KIDS release super fun Books, Prints, Tapes and all sorts of odd accessories, collaborating with positive people along the way. We're very excited to now be stocking their products!
 ++BELLY KIDS Prints coming soon++

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


'The Summer Series' exhibition finishes tomorrow, but we'll be continuing
to stock the work, so don't panic if you can't make it down!
We'll also be uploading the new prints and t's to our online shop
and we'll let you know when that's done.
'Heart Face' by Joey Fourr printed by Crumb Cabin - £20
A3 - Limited edition of 15

Friday, May 3, 2013

Joey Fourr presents... 'THE SUMMER SERIES' instore until Thursday 9th May

JOEY FOURR presents the 'Forget and Collect' T-shirt collection for
 'THE SUMMER SERIES'exhibition instore until Thursday 9th May.
Each Tee is a one-of-a-kind, limited edition of 1/1 and will only set you back 30 squid !

'Third Eye Reich'

'Mask / Off'


'Ying me Yang me'


'Take Care'


'Foam Finger Wisdom'
+ AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW FROM OUR LONDON STORE!!+ us to reserve yours. you can also purchase via paypal!...