Thursday, February 12, 2015

{{{{{{{{{{ HAPPY LOVE DAY * VALENTINE'S DAY * 2015 }}}}}}}}}}

"You are the homemeade organic chutney...." & " You'll Do" Valentines cards by Kay Barker
awwww... 'Crying heart' badge by Jess Warby £11

Pink Lips t-shirt by Antonia Rudebeck  for 10T (formerly Maison twenty) S,M,L,XL £32
'Valentine's Hunks' cards cards (A5 ) by Sally Hackett
'Pug of Love' Flat pet by Garudio Studiage £14.99
A dozen Flat roses! by Garudio Studiage (A4 ) £14.99
this is a small selection of some of the SWEET products we have instore for you
 for this Valentine's Day (and beyond...)
 There's a heck of a lot more to choose from instore aswell!
!!!!!!! Remember, Valentine's Day can be everyday and not just 14th February  !!!!!!