Friday, June 20, 2014

************************ BLACK SNOW T-SHIRTS *************************

We're excited to present the first collection of hand produced
 T-shirts by BLACK SNOW - a  newly formed London based label.

Black Snow produce one-of-a kind, affordable
 limited edition T-shirts and long sleeved Tees. All artwork by Maks Andala. 
T-shirts are hand printed in London using traditonal screen printing techniques.

'Nick' tee by Black Snow £28
'David' tee by Black Snow £28

'Karl' tee by Black Snow £28

each Tee comes packaged in an envelope with sticker

Friday, June 13, 2014

L+N last minute Father's Day gift ideas for the discerning Dad.........

so was it a trouser press last year? spare parts for the lawn mower in 2012?
Woah! - time to get creative in 2014. 
To help you out we've put together a last minute,
niche selection of cards, garms, accessories and quality reading material
 all available from our London store.

'Worlds Greatest....' screen printed Father's Day cards from Happy Accident Co. £3.50
Father's Day cards by Nikki Miles £3.20

'David' / 'Karl' screen printed tees by Black Snow. sizes S - L  £28
Printed pages £5,  Belly Kids' 'Thrill Murray' coluring in book £8, Phlegm book £25, Streaker Euphoria' by Sally Hackett, Belly Kids' 'Hell Yeah' - best sports colouring in book! £8, 'Come out to Play'- New Rule
'Hanky Dory'- Squeegey Love £5, Bartex polaroid vintage sunglasses £35, 'Frozen Chicken Train Wreck' - £40, Rare vintage Aluminium frame 60s sunglasses - £125, Brew for a Bookworm mug- Carl Partridge £12.50,  All-Pro original 90s vintage tennis wrist bands £10, 6 shot glasses - Dalian £30, 'Mighty Fine' vanity mirror - Colourbox £5, Nice Hat! print - Pat Bradbury £10