Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SISTER LIKE YOU book launch 6-9pm Thursday 29 MAY 2014

FRESH from the printers this week is 'Sister Like You'
 ( it's SO fresh we don't have any pictures of the book yet!! ) 
another absolutely ACE release from Belly Kids 
 launching at L + N this Thursday 29.5.14 

Words by Jade Coles and radical illustrations throughout 50 pages
by Jade Coles, Ellie Andrews, Alice Tye, Kaye Blegvad, Donya Todd, 
Charlotte Trounce, Brigid Deacon,Greg Kletsel,
 Molly Askel-Goldbury, Ana Gavlan and Bradford Haubrich.

Jade Coles is a member of all girl vocal group GAGGLE. Two years ago they were asked to rewrite sections of an Opera based on the history of women,
titled 'The Brilliant and the Dark'
 " got me thinking on how such important facts could drift from history,
losing significance..." Jade then started her research into ancient women rulers at the Womens Library at the London Met.
... and here lies the beginnings of 'Sister Like You'!

GREAT NEWS! alongside copies of 'Sister Like You' Belly Kids have printed a selection of limited run, a3 prints taken from the book, up for grabs this thursday.
First in first served. £15

'Queen Njinga Mbande' by Charlotte Trounce (a3 print) £15

'Queen Elizabeth II' by Ana Galvan (a3 print) £15

'Queen Zenobia' by Kaye Blegvad (a3 print) £15

 L+ N has teamed up with East London craft brewers, 
People's Park Tavern to bring you delicious Ale poured straight from the barrel,
in the second of our 'Summer Series' exhibitions this year!

 A winning mix of locally brewed craft Ale with a series of inspiring summer exhibitions
 from some of London's most exciting artists and illustrators.
"psssst..." Keep your eyes peeled this thursday for the collectable launch flyers
with exclusive summer offers from the awesome...

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