Saturday, May 24, 2014

SCRATCH + SNIFF card collection from Pompadour Press

 we've all found it tricky to send a fresh slice of cake through the post
so here's a better idea! - Pompadour Press Scratch + Sniff greetings cards.
look & smell good enuf to eat!* 5 mouthwatering flavours now in stock.

'Doughnut with sprinkes' card by Pompadour Press £3.65
'Jam sponge cake' card by Pompadour press £3.65

'Popsicle' card by Pompadour Press £3.65

'Chocolate layer cake' card by Pompadour Press £3.65

'Ice cream cone with flake' card by Pompadour Press £3.65

Pompadour Press cards are made with non toxic ink, quality sustainable card
 & 100% recycled envelopes.

*do not eat these cards.

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