Thursday, June 7, 2012


Name the most famous summer lunchbox staple? Yes! it's the humble but tasty
'CHEESE SARNIE'.  Hanna Havana of Garudio Studiage has immortalised this British classic
 in shiny coloured acrylic with 'textured bread' finish.
"The necklace with optional fillings!"

'Cheese sarnie Necklace' by Hannah Havana of GARUDIO STUDIAGE.
 Perspex and Foamex on gilt chain'- 87cm length.
 Comes in a hand screen printed box - £36

NEW! FLAT PETS!! Garudio Studiage have a couple of new additions to the FLAT PETS family! Take home a Pomeranian or Owl to stand proudly (& obediently) in your flat
or accompany you at the dinner table. 

'Flat Pets screen printed Pomeranian' by GARUDIO STUDIAGE-screen printed
and laser cut on A4 sturdy recycled card - £12.95
'Flat Pets screen printed Owl' by GARUDIO STUDIAGE  screen printed 
and laser cut on A4 sturdy, recycled card - £12.95

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