Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dad's Day is FAST approaching! so here's some choice gift picks fresh from the LIK+NEON shelves...
Over the next few days we'll present an array of  original, clever and useful gifts for you to choose from. today's entries are for the "With-it Dad" and "Gadget Dad".
Not a toolbelt, tie, or garden hoe in sight..

for the "WITH-IT DAD"
Vintage Sunglasses by 'Bartex' - £35, 'Cool Shirt' Tee by Print Liberation - £30, Black 'Femur' Necklace by Alex Garnett - £35, 'Moustache' Mug by Dalian - £14, 'Villian' Ring by Mixko - £35, Its Nice That issue #6 - £10, 'The Film One' Zine by Mat Pringle - £6, 'Soft Return' cd by Grovsenor~Lo Recordings £16, 'Meat' Socks by Ashi Dashi - £15, 'Heroes and Villains' Badges  by Peter James Field- £3, Batfinks cd/Print by Hellovon, in Screen printed pack~Lo Recordings- £18

for the "GADGET DAD"

'Urban Gridded Notebook' by Walking Things -£17.50, 'Mixko book Pro' by Mixko - £15, 'Touch Wood' Keyring by Claude Davoine - £5, 'Cassette Tape Wallet' for Lik + Neon - £24, 'Camera' Case by Noa - £12, '1984' limited edition T-Shirt by Print Liberation - £34, 'Peckham Rat' Mouse mat by Garudio Studiage - £14, 'I accidentally used your toothbrush' Pencil by Pencil Therapy - £2, 'Talking Stick' by Laura Gill - £5, 'Warp' Socks by Ashi Dashi - £15, Vintage 'Smelling Laces' by Adidas - £12

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