Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 MAR 2010: Tom Edwards for L+N 'Forgotten Olympic Sports'

Screen printed, tote-bag #1 'Cat Balancing'
This is the first of a total of 3 illustrated totebags that will be
launched throughout 2010, depicting 3 different sports
that never quite made it through to the OLYMPICS as we know it today.
A commemorative T-towel will be launched at the
end of the series depicting 5 forgotten sports.
This project has been commisioned by LIK+NEON,
and all F.O.S. products can be purchased only at
LIK + NEON or thru www.likneon.com ,

* limited edition of 30 bags for tote-bag #1. So, HURRY to get yours!!

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