Wednesday, March 21, 2012

29 FEB 2012: <><> FOLIO ISSUE 1: BACK IN STOCK <><>

FOLIO magazine issue One,  guest editor Francesca Banchelli.
 The magazine features cut-away pages and
includes a CD soundtrack to one of the photos.

Numbered, limited edition of 500, £6.

'FOLIO operates as an exhibition space on pa
presenting the work of several artists per issue...'
FOLIO magazine issue One, Cover image by Francesca Banchelli,
taken from 'the first Imperial Earthquake'

FOLIO magazine issue One, inside cover.
Photograph by Edward Salem
'Victim of the former Victim'. Image page is cut through,
revealing the cd underneath.
FOLIO magazine issue One,
double page image by Chloe Ostmo 'Building iv, building iii'
FOLIO magazine issue One, image by Yunji Park  'Mystery'
FOLIO Magazine issue One, back cover, list of Artists.

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