Friday, March 16, 2012

18 DEC 2010: ++ LIK + NEON PRESENT PICKS 2010... ++

>>>> £10 AND UNDER <<<<
It's Nice That Issue 4,
Banana/Ice-cream people pin by Hanna Melin,
A Marmite zine by Sarah Cai,
Set of 3 notebooks by Tamasyn Gambell,
Circus Face badges by Simon Cook,
Trumpet man decoration by Luke Best,
Cherry earrings by MIXKO,
Guinea pig pin by MEMO,
Yule Bringer zine by LANDFILL editions,
Ghost keyring by Luke Best,
Magic pill earrings by Ryan Chapman,
Flat Pets by Garudio Studiage,
The Independent London Store Guide,
DIY Collage Kits by Anthony Zininos,
Butterfly rings by MIXKO.
>>>> £10-£25 <<<<
Moustache and Bow Tie mugs by DALIAN,
1/2 zine issue 4,
Corn on the Cob socks by ASHI DASHI,
Heli wallets and purses by MIXKO,
Cassette Wallets, Urban Gridded
Notebook by Walking Things,
Banana pendant by Hanna Melin,
Merino wool scarf by MIXKO, hand bound book necklace by Sarah Cai,
Cool Yule CD by LO recordings.
>>>> £25 -£50 <<<<
Mitten shoulder bag by MIXKO,
'TANGENTS'-set of 5 screen prints by Mark Pavey,
Heli Belt by MIXKO, Ceramic face rings,
'English Summer' and 'Here comes The Sun' necklaces all by MIXKO,
Burger and hotdog 'Ham Bags' by Hannah Havana,

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