Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 AUG 2010: Luke Wright REC NOTEBOOKS...................... + Claude Davoine's TOUCHWOOD KEYRINGS > NOW IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Check these minimalist notebooks from Brighton graduate Luke Wright.
An absolute Must-Have for your jacket pocket.
Loads of handy info inside each cover too.
 Another Brighton-brightspark graduate, CLAUDE DAVOINE
has invented the 1st "TOUCHWOOD" keyring. This good-luck key-finder,
is a handy item to have around at all times, especially if you say things like
"... i hope it won't rain this Bank Holiday??!" One side is laser-engraved wood,
the other is a smooth veneer surface and available in a vast spectrum
of surprisingly 'off-key' ( excuse the pun ), pastel and 'formica bright' colours.

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