Wednesday, July 8, 2015

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TRIBUTE TO MAKITA 1999 - 2015 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Here at L+N the unique shop environment is created by a special combination of really good design, illustration & awesome products by amazing makers
... and the L + N SHOP CATS!! 
Makita, a most magical & magestic cat arrived here when we started in 2002
 so that's 13 years of loyal customer service & cool cat vibes.
Sadly she passed away on 7 July 2015. We really hope you got to meet her!
Here's a few snaps of the awesome lady in action...
having a snuggle with daughter Browser
mid air shot... the "180 degree 4 leg vertical Makita special"
Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital
for all their help in taking care of her over the years

<3<3<3  R.I.P. Makita <3<3<3

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