Sunday, March 2, 2014

....COLOUR ME HEALTHY colouring book by Claude d'Avoine....

"When you’re healthy, you’re happy!"
Colour Me Healthy is a colouring book to encourage healthy eating for children
(but mighty useful for adults too).

 The junk food is greyscale to prevent colouring in and the healthy foods are left blank, allowing for them to be coloured. Customised crayons accompany the books
 Fridge magnets and prints are also available in the series.
 'Colour me healthy' was conceived and designed by Claude d'Avoine.
 Illustrations by Tom Edwards.
'Colour me healthy' colouring book and crayons by Claude d'Avoine £10
illustrations by Tom Edwards

'Colour me healthy' inside pages, fried chicken vs. broccoli
'Colour me healthy' inside pages, jam donut vs. pineapple
'Colour me healthy' inside pages, onion rings vs. red onion
'Colour me healthy' pack
a selection of collectable 'Colour me healthy' fruit & veg face fridge magnets
 >>> COMING SOON! Fruit and veg face prints!! <<<

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