Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"I FANCY YOU"...Our special selection of Valentines Day Cards 2014!

If like us, the sight of another teddy bear card with red ribbons 
and heart thought bubbles is going to tip you over the edge of mundanity, 
then just take a look here... 
Our line-up for Valentines 2014 features cards by El Famoso, Lucy Jay, Sally Hackett, Lesley Barnes, Jade Jefferies and Nick Morley aka 'Linocut boy'

Lucy Jay

'You're Great'. 'You're so cool'. 'You make me feel Tropical'
A5 Digital Art Valentines cards by Lucy Jay £3.20

Sally Hackett
above -  4 Valentines Day card designs by Sally Hackett.
(A5 size, all with back print, blank inside) £3.50

El Famoso
Love/hate card (A6 size) by Chris Fairhead, El Famoso
 for Bon Voyage exhibition at Lik+Neon, on now!! £2.95

Lesley Barnes
Golden hare cards by Lesley Barnes (A6 size) £3.50
each comes with a free postcard!

Nick Morley aka Linocut boy

'Bog Off' , 'Cupid with an AK47' lino print anti-valentines cards
 by Nick Morley aka Linocut boy (all A6 size) £3.50
(as featured in the Guardian's new 'Do Something' supplement this Feb!)

Jade Jefferies
'I choo choo choose you' & 'Damn you so fine'
hand screen printed A6 size Valentines cards by Jade Jefferies £3.50
each a limited edition of 50!

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