Friday, July 19, 2013

 <> Kings of Grey and A.P.W.I.D. New photography books by LUKE OVERIN <>

Added to our zine wall this month are two new photographic publications
 by LUKE OVERIN, who is an imagemaker and designer originally from Margate,
 now based in South London. 'Kings of Grey' is a 24 pp book of black & white images of a pigeon show in present day Blackpool. These timeless images shot on 35mm film allow us in to the unseen world of the British pigeon fanciers' convention. Luke made quite a few friends here during the making of the project, as while offering a mix of eccentricity and wry humour, the images are taken with a genuine sensitivity and respect for the subject/s. Limited edition of 150, published by Café Royal.
(cover) 'Kings of Grey' by Luke Overin - £6
  Above pics, all  inside pages 'Kings of Grey' by Luke Overin

 'A Perfect World in Deptford' is a self published photographic publication' capturing the spirit of untamed Deptford Market and surrounding areas. A.P.W.I.D. was shot over the course of a year, and is "a photographic document based around locality, aesthetic pattern and ritual;
 but also a continuous narrative centered around the neighbourhood."Limited edition of 50.  £6
Above pics, all inside pages from 'APerfect World in Deptford' by Luke Overin


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