Thursday, June 6, 2013

Presenting 'The Magic Book of Nightmares' published by Belly Kids

Belly Kids (the guys behind 'Thrill Murray') have teamed up with another
19 illustrators to explore the magical world of nightmares.
We've got it all, everything from the spooky, the cosmic,
the deranged, the wild and the weird.

Wide awake at the dead of night. Heavy breathing, cold sweats,
trembling hands, eyes closed shut. Creepy dreams disrupting your sleep,
we've all been there...
'The magic book of nightmares' published by Belly Kids - £8
Cover illustration by Luke Pelletier
Illustration by Phillip Morgan
Illustration by Ohara Hale
Illustration by James Clapham
Illustration by Mariana Moyses
Illustration by Josh Wiley

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