Saturday, May 11, 2013

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 New Books in from BELLY KIDS!
Thrill Murray Colouring in Book £8, The Magic Book of Nightmares  £8
 Kurt & the Gang sticker book £10 and Onliest by Jamie Stewart £6
A4 format books

(inside pages) 'The Magic Book of Nightmares' illustration by Ohara Hale
(inside pages) 'The Magic Book of Nightmares' - 'Cheese Dreams' illustration by Philip Morgan
'Thrill Murray' Colouring in Book, illustration by Hattie Stewart

'Onliest' - 2nd collection of  Haikus written by Jamie Stewart, illustrated by Sophie Alda (A5 format)
'Onliest' (inside pages)
London based BELLY KIDS release super fun Books, Prints, Tapes and all sorts of odd accessories, collaborating with positive people along the way. We're very excited to now be stocking their products!
 ++BELLY KIDS Prints coming soon++

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