Monday, March 25, 2013


If you haven't come across ANORAK magazine before and you have
   children, carry on reading!
The 27th issue is a celebration of all the wonderful inventors past and present
who have made the world around us what it is today.

For up to the minute insider inventing tips there’s an interview with
The Science Museum’s resident inventor Mark Champkins and award-winning
inventor Dominic Wilcox proves that inventions aren’t just good ideas,
they can be funny too!

There’s also a giant helping of Anorak’s regular games, activities,
recipes and beautifully illustrated stories.
68 pages. Printed on offset recycled paper.
Anorak Magazine is aimed at kids aged 6+ and is available in store for £6 now.
ANORAK Issue 27 - Illustrated story 'One Hundred Pieces'
A story about hide and seek... and cheaters. By Maria Midttun.

ANORAK Issue 27: 'Pam & Tom'
Follow Pam and Tom on their fishing adventure.
Words by Cathy Olmedillas   Illustrations by Ben Javens.
ANORAK Issue 27: 'Munkie & Horaace'
The pair of friends are on holiday but seem to be having disagreements!
Words and pictures by Emma and Nathan.
ANORAK Issue 27: 'Colour us in' by Andrew Groves.
ANORAK Issue 27: 'The essential Anorak inventing maunal'

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