Monday, November 26, 2012

NEW IN !! <><><><><><><> CONES & HOLE <><><><><><><><><> <> Hand painted and screen print t-shirts from the new design brand <>

 Founded by Harvey Cones and Frank Hole in 2012,
CONES & HOLE specialise in hand painted and
hand screenprinted T-shirts. These guys care about every detail of the T-shirts,
from the cut of the shirt to the woven & inside care labels. Nice work!
We are currently stocking three T designs, available in S, M & L
All T's are made from 100% durable, soft cotton.
'Cones & Hole III' hand screen printed T - £40

'Cones & Hole I' hand screen printed T - £40

'Pink & Blue' hand painted T by Cones & Hole - £40

Individual panels are hand painted/screenprinted in Peckham Rye
and then sewn into T's in Hackney. Designs feature simple graphics,- repeated 'cones'
and 'holes' or wide, vertical stripes of block colour.

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